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Mission & Philosophy

Evergreen School is not just a place of education; it's a nurturing community dedicated to the holistic development of our K-3 students. With a commitment to individualized attention, we maintain low class sizes, allowing us to meet each child where they are academically. Our dedicated team includes full-time paraprofessionals in all classrooms, specialists in Art, Music, and PE for enriching experiences, and a student support team addressing social-emotional needs. Devoted to fostering academic excellence, our school boasts a strong focus on reading and math instruction, supported by an onsite resource teacher and an exceptional intervention program. Our comprehensive approach extends to health and well-being with a health aide, a school clinical counselor shared within our district, and a free breakfast and lunch program for all students. Evergreen School thrives on community involvement, encouraging parent participation and volunteers. We proudly offer a free after school program until 6:00 pm, ensuring our students have a safe and enriching environment beyond the school day. Additionally, we provide Long Term Independent Study options, a Native American tutoring program, and specialized support for English Language Learners. At Evergreen, we believe in not just educating minds but fostering a vibrant and supportive community for our students to flourish.

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